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Neck Therapy


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Initial acupuncture treatment with Dr Ella*


B.H.Sc / B.App.Sc (Chinese Medicine), RMIT, VIC



Women’s health, menstrual health, fertility, pregnancy, eating disorders and digestion, thyroid health, mental health, pain management

Ella is passionate about helping people see what is possible with their bodies and their lives, and is dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health and wellness through the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and modern medical knowledge, and sharing with people the skills for self-care.

Ella's intreats for Chinese medicine were following the footsteps of her parents and grandmother. She grew up with Chinese medicine and its theories during her early life. With the background from evidence-based studies and research, Ella is believer of bodies own healing power, while practitioner are just there to direct towards the correct pathway.

* promotion are only complied with Dr Ella, other practitioner do not follow the same promotion price, booking is required, terms and conditons apply


909 Doncaster Road, Doncaster East


03 9042 0833

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