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Post-COVID syndrome (PCS) or ‘long COVID’ is a complex, multi-system illness that may follow SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 infection. WHO statistics indicated approximately 10~20% of peopler experience a variety of mid to long term effect after recovery from their initial illness. Post COVI-19 is defined as individual manifesting with symptoms and effects that last for at least 2 month. There is no clear group of people who are prone to it and no studies indicate there is a relationship between the initial severity of COVID-19 infection and the likelihood of developing post COVID-19. (1)

SELF CHECK: these symptoms are potential indicator of long COVID 

  • extreme fatigue (tiredness)

  • shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chest pain or tightness

  • cough

  • hoarse voice

  • problems with memory and concentration

  • changes to taste and smell

  • joint and muscle pain

  • problems sleeping

  • numbness or pins and needles

  • changes in mood (anxiety, depression or stress)

  • heart pounding or racing or heart palpitations

  • joint pain

  • muscle pain

  • rash

  • low-grade fever

  • reduced appetite and weight loss

  • difficulty going about everyday activities, such as work or chores

These symptoms can really interrupt with daily task and the efficiency and productivity of individuals. Often individual feel significant decrease in overall energy, and is often observed with increased mood instability such as anxiety and depression. ((2) and Clinical observation of Lotus Health Practitioners)


Case studies suggest, patient's chest pressure and palpitations resolved after 1 acupuncture treatment. With 6 additional treatments, spanning 9 weeks, overlapping with PT-led SPTA, she recovered completely and resumed her normal exercise. (3)


Alternatively there are a lot of herbs or natural products with potential anti-coronavirus effects reported from in vitro experiments and despite criticism, many clinical trials on traditional herbal medicine for COVID-19 are being conducted.


Sever long COVID will require CM doctor to diagnosis and prescribe with formula medicine or preform acupuncture, but for mild symptoms or self-care these are the things to try out.

Red dates.webp

  1. Ginger tea + Chinese red dates + Gouji Berry  —— Overall Health (especially with cold hands and feet or cold around uterus and lower back area)

Cut up 50g of fresh ginger in to slices or shreds

add 5-10 pieces of Chinese dried red dates and the ginger  into 500ml of water

Boil for 15mins then add 25g of Gouji berry

simmer on low heat for another 5mins.

And drink as tea, and eat the date and Gouji Berrys


This tea is recommend to have anytime before 7pm (as ginger is warm in nature and can interrupt with sleep).


2. Huang Qi tea (increase energy level, fatigue)

10g of Huang Qi, into 300mil of water

Boil for 10 mins and drink as tea

(The Huang Qi can be cooked up to 3 boils)


3. ChenPi + American Ginseng  — for cough, SOB and indigestion

10G of ChenPi + 10g of American ginseng into 300ml of boiling water

Let it sit for 5mins and drink as tea

(The tea can add more boiling water and drink through out the day. )





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