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​Initial Consultation

What is expected during first consultation

Initial consultation involves the following steps with may take from 20-40mins

  • using TCM's 4 diagnostic method: inspection, olfactory, enquiring and pulse taking, and taking into consideration of reference and advice required western medical examination

  • analysing the internal balance of YIN and Yang, Qi and Blood, investigating internal organ function and drawing diagnosis.

  • according to TCM and western medicine theory to investigate the aetiology and pathology of the disease and therefore concluding treatment principle and treatment method.

  • according the the treatment principle and method, identify the required treatment such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and formula, moxibustion etc.

  • identifying the precautions that the patient needs to cooperate, such as recommending specific methods such as diet, exercise and stress reduction.

Before your first clinic visit, you can fill out our form and bring it with you for your initial visit. You can download the first visit form in PDF format. And filling it out and bringing it to the clinic which saves time.

If you are from inter state or other countries, or would like to consult remotely, please fill out the form and email to Or call 03 9807 8904 to make an appointment with a doctor for a telephone consultation or online video。Please be prepared with all your relevant medical reports regarding blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, etc.

If you have private health insurance (acceptable insurance), it is best to contact us before you come. We can help you check to see if your insurance company can apply. Please note our treatment is not covered by Medicare.

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