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​Welcome to Doncaster East Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Out team are passionate about helping people see what is possible with their bodies and their lives, and is dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health and wellness through the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and modern medical knowledge, and sharing with people the skills for self-care.

909 Doncaster Road, Doncaster East

An alternative to better health

Wisdom from East for over 2500 years old


Meet Our Practitioners (CM)

Our Practitioners
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Dr. Limin Zhang, CM
Dr. Ella Zhang, CM
Dr. Yu Guan, CM

Appointed as associate profession in China in the 1995, Limin have over 30 years of Chinese Medicine practice experience. Experience in treating urology and andrology conditions, as well as  paediatrics and dermatology.

AHPRA registered Chinese medicine practitioner graduated from RMIT with Health science & Chinese medicine degrees. With extensive experience in pain management, general health and women’s health. He has developed his own way to choose from acupuncture, herbal medicine and moxa or combine them to get better results. 

3rd Generation Chinese Medicine Practitioner, APHRA registered. She have devoted her educations in both modern and traditional health science, aiming to combine the 2 to deliver the best result of your health and wellness.

Certified.                                Responsive.                       Compassionate.






I am very grateful to Dr. Zhang. Under Dr. Zhang's superb medical skills and rich theoretical knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, my body has recovered very well after taking Chinese medicine for 12 weeks. At the same time, I would also like to thank Dr. Jing for being very patient in helping me analyze the condition when I was not busy. , I personally feel that it is worth the money. I have also seen other Chinese medicine practitioners eating powder at the time. Although the price is cheap, it has no effect. To see Chinese medicine, you must believe in the theory of Chinese medicine and the doctor. Although the conditioning of Chinese medicine is a long process, is to cure it. At the same time, my wife is also under the treatment of Dr. Jing through the combination of decoction ➕ Ejiao (I have drank 6 cans of Ejiao), my body feels very good, not as tired as before, and my hair and complexion are healthier, and my body is not as emphysema as before, still Continuing to cooperate with the conditioning, it is too difficult to find a good Chinese medicine doctor.

We would like to thank Dr. Zhang and Dr. Jing again. Thank you. Having a healthy body with the help of a good Chinese medicine cannot be bought by money. It depends on fate.

Bruce Yin
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